Boat Girl: A Dreamer’s Experience
People flee their home countries for various reasons

An Excerpt From Ruth Jean’s New Book

People flee their home countries for various reasons and yearn to breathe free from whatever difficulties living in their home countries pose, but if the yearning to breathe free is not connected to one of the five enumerated reasons I mentioned, it does not meet asylum eligibility. What a person must think about is their own personal experiences in their home country and how that may help qualify for asylum.

I have helped individuals parse out the best course of action and by getting to know my clients and their circumstances, experiences that they may have overlooked as normal become what helps in a claim for asylum. Never dismiss life experiences because in a country that may be upside down, trauma and persecution are an everyday occurrence that tend to be normalized by those experiencing it. Asylum is personal; it’s based on each individual’s story, and there is no one-size-fits-all asylum claim. The one thing that most, if not all, asylum seekers have in common, though, is that they are all yearning to breathe free.

To Be Continued...

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